Custom Handmade Wooden Kayaks and Small Boats by Nick Schade

There is a quality about a finely crafted wooden kayak which is hard to describe. They have a sensuousness not typical of other traditional wooden boats. Their motion through the water seems somehow smoother than other kayaks. The sweep of the sheer and the smooth arc of the deck draw the hand as well as the eye.

Nick's boats are characterized by clean, elegant lines and smooth, responsive motion through the ocean. The Guillemot Kayaks designs are world renowned for their distinctive beauty and sea kindly handling. Nick's craftsmanship has been referred to as graphic art in wood. While some feel his boats should be confined to the protected confines of a living room, they are built to withstand the rigors of hard use.

For more information about kayak building plans and kits and kayak building classes please visit the Guillemot Kayaks website.

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